This is a story about the power of miracles, of seven princesses and one boy.


The world is like one and not one.


Although the history, culture, and race are completely different from one world to another, people spin their respective stories in their own world.


Each world did not know each other's existence, but the world existed side by side.


The guard of the world, Old Wiseman, decided to deposit small pieces of "miraculous power" with each of the seven vials. When people with vials grow and care for their true power, the seven vials will become seven forces of the world.


The leading character in this story.

Gretel’s twin brother.

He is a quiet and considerate person.

He firmly believes that he is the only person who can save his twin sister Gretel because of a past incident.  Ever since that incident, he has looked after Gretel in the forest where the two of them make their living alone.


The twin sister of Hansel.

She is overly optimistic, very cheerful, but at times can be a little air-headed.

She adores her brother immensely since they have both grown up together since birth.  Because of her admiration for her brother, she sometimes shows acts of jealousy towards others that get to close to him.

She tends to leave all the housework to her brother Hansel due to her incompetent skills.

Hansel was there every day to always help her with her three braided hair style.  Until recently, she has learned how to braid her hair on her own.


She is a Princess of the Moon Kingdom, and the third heir to the throne.  At this time she is also listed as a fugitive from her home world.

Kaguya has a sharp tongue combined with a hot temper.

She will not think twice to show physical aggression to prove her point.

Others see her as irresponsible because of her personality, but her “Do it myself” motto keeps her from relying on others.                          

Her physical ability and strength are remarkable yet her intelligence is questionable.


She is a princess and the 7th heir of the undersea kingdom Atlandia.

She is free from the usual precedent because of her travels back and forth from the human world and the mermaid world.

Her character is that of a bright leader.  However, there’s an aspect of her that can be terrifying once she gets angry.

Her lower body is that of a fish and covered with beautiful shiny scales.

She is naturally weak when on dry land, so she is forced to use a water tank wheelchair when not in her healthy water environment.


She’s a very timid girl who is both shy and reserved at all times.

In truth, she is compassionate and friendly to others.  She strives to make friends, but she fails due to her inexperience communicating with others.

Her favorite hair ornament is a piece of bowl she has worn tied to her head, and used for a long time.


Her skin as white as snow, hair as black as night, and her Blood lusting lips complete her beauty.

A lone wolf by nature, she doesn’t like to interact with others since she has always lived alone.

Her lack of trust in others causes her to be overly cautious. Thus she carries an aura of ‘don’t get to close to me.’

She is a master of weapons and martial arts.

She is a person that shows no signs of weakness


She loves having a fun time.

Research and experiment are her raison d’etra.

When she was 7, she took an adventure to ‘Wonderland’, and now has commenced creating a medicine in which she can revisit that same Wonderland.

She gets very moody whether its things that interest her or even things that do not interest her.

She acts cleverly around people to get her way.

She calls herself ‘the first and probably the last mad scientist of the universe imaginable by the human race’.


She, a fairy girl was born from a tulip flower.

Although naive, she is very cheerful and is good with getting along with others.

Curiosity always gets the best of her, which can be seen with her big shoulder bag that is filled with items that intrigue her.

She can communicate with animals and plants and is always with her bear friend Sparrow.

Her favorite thing to do is to levitate and fly through the air using her small wing flaps attached to her back.


He’s always at Tommelise’s side.

He is a cute roly-poly, blue-ish grey furry bear.

Although enormous and quite intimidating to the human eye, his true self is gentle and filled with kindness.

Tommelise is his best friend regardless of different racial background.

He watches over her like a caring and at times strict father.

The flower around his neck is the same as Tommelise’s.

old wiseman

The ruler of all that is.

Introduced as a watcher of the world.  His existence appears to be that equal to God.

A being who has left its footprint across the many worlds by performing numerous miracles in each one them. A person of many mysteries that is worshiped and feared at the same time.

He is the one that has triggered this story and has given the vials and trials to the eight beings who have qualified.

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